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Three Bedroom Apartments in East Boston

Finding a three bedroom apartment in the rapidly developing East Boston area doesn’t have to be an ordeal. In fact, when you use East Boston Apartments to find a great living space in one of Boston’s most delightful neighborhoods, apartment hunting is a total breeze! That’s because this unique portal is updated constantly by hundreds of different real estate agents, so what you see on East Boston Apartments reflects what’s really available on the market. It gives you the power to see what’s out there, compare different property listings, compare different real estate agents, and find the best deal and the best property for you!

There are lots of different three bedroom apartments to choose from in the East Boston area and East Boston Apartments makes it easy to narrow down your options and hone in on your dream apartment. Once an industrial area, East Boston is now home to some of the most gorgeous waterfront property in the entire city, as well as some of the best restaurants you can imagine. From classic Italian at Santarpio’s to authentic Mexican at Angela’s Cafe Eastie, residents never run out of fantastic dining options.

East Boston Apartments streamlines the real estate process by making it easier than ever to connect directly with different real estate agents around the neighborhood. Every apartment listing on East Boston Apartments comes with instant access to the coinciding real estate agency information, including the listing agent’s name and phone number. Within seconds, you can be on the phone with a local real estate agent who can show you the property you’ve been looking at in person. If you decide it’s really the apartment you’ve been waiting for, you can move forward by signing the lease and securing your awesome East Boston property.

You can even target your search by setting price minimums and maximums, specifying certain areas, and even sorting your options based on move-in date. Plus, you can check out photos of every property to find the perfect style to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a budget friendly apartment that’s steps away from one of the many Eastie cafes and restaurants or a luxurious waterfront property with gorgeous views—you can find it all on East Boston Apartments.

Instead of checking a million different real estate agency websites to try and find the best three bedroom apartment in East Boston you can conduct your entire search on just one local portal specializing in the East Boston neighborhood. With more up to date listings from more agencies than any other online real estate portal, it just makes sense to start your search here!

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BOSTON - East Boston - Eagle Hill

Viet Nguyen | 6176539459

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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Alexandria Seifi | 6176152315


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BOSTON - East Boston - Jeffries Point

Curtis Haymon | 6173154640


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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Curtis Haymon | 6173154640


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BOSTON - East Boston - Constitution Beach

George Purnell | 6173318668

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