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One Bed Apartments in East Boston

Everyone who resides in the Boston metro area should live in the East Boston neighborhood at least once because there’s nowhere else exactly like it in the city! The high energy and diversity of East Boston makes it a unique hotspot for nightlife, dining, and shopping, and the unusual combination of modern high rise apartments and quaint brownstones makes for a wide range of apartment options. East Boston is almost like its own little independent city, and when you live there everything you could ever want is at your doorstep. From beer gardens and music venues to one of the city’s largest Asian grocery stores, East Boston is the perfect combination of a laid-back college town and cultural mecca.

When it comes to finding a fantastic one bedroom apartment in Boston’s most desirable neighborhood, East Boston Apartments is the best place to start because you can search through hundreds of listings from numerous different local realty offices. That’s just one way East Boston Apartments helps you compare different one bedroom apartment listings and find the best fit for your needs.

East Boston Apartments also gives you the ability to search based on nine different criteria, which means you can prioritize what’s important to you. From move-in date to budget, you can choose exactly how you want to filter your results to see listings that work for your unique lifestyle. You might decide to go for a modern luxury building that’s loaded with amenities or maybe you prefer the old world charm of a vintage building on a tree-lined street. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, it’s how you find it that matters.

East Boston Apartments grants you instant access to images of each property as well as additional features of interest like parking spaces, fireplaces, or in unit laundry facilities. This gives you the ability to compare specific features of different properties before you even reach out to a real estate agent. When you’re ready to schedule a tour just reach out to the agent on the listing and before you know it you’ll have a brand new apartment in beautiful East Boston!

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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Shani Mckay | 6179559447


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BOSTON - East Boston - Bremen St. Park/Airport Station

Kristian Kotov | 6178694346


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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Alexandria Seifi | 6176152315


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BOSTON - East Boston - Eagle Hill

Viet Nguyen | 6176539459

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BOSTON - East Boston - Orient Heights

Viet Nguyen | 6176539459


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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Curtis Haymon | 6173154640


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BOSTON - East Boston - Jeffries Point

Shani Mckay | 6179559447

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BOSTON - East Boston - Maverick

Viet Nguyen | 6176539459


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